About Us

About Cariflex

Cariflex was started with the idea of a new, refreshing approach to staffing and human resource advisement. They understood the business of employment was about relationships and the focus should be on nurturing them, viewing clients as partners instead of revenue streams. 

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Why Cariflex?

Full Service Solutions

  • Customized Recruiting
  • Value-Driven Ideas to Staffing and Human Resources
  • Experienced Human Resource Professionals

Cost – We save you money

  • Innovative Solutions that helps reduce taxes and operating expenses.
  • Experts to find and manage hiring, employment credits.
  • Reduced Workforce Turnover

Partnership Philosophy

  • Partnership / Joint Venture Opportunities – Service is Critical
  • Communication – Frequent, Consistent Dialogue is Key
  • One-Stop-Shop for all staffing/hiring/human resource needs.